About the Maria Sanchez Show


The Maria Sanchez show, The Good News Station!  


Maria is now broadcasting and recording at LibSyn; Liberated Syndication.  The recorded podcasts are released here on The Maria Sanchez Show website very weekday as the any new interviews with her guests are completed.  You can listen or download the MP3’s here, or you can find Maria in the LibSyn directory by clicking this link, on iTunes (Click this link to view an iTunes Preview page) of course and click this link to go to Stitcher as well.  LibSyn and Stitcher are creating phone apps so you can listen to Maria on the go!

The show consists of any new  podcasts and an archive full of both earlier podcasts and videos on YouTube which Maria recorded when she worked with KADY TV. Listen to Maria’s podcasts as they are released by clicking this link for current Podcasts; Click this Link to the Podcast archives or click here for Archived Video recordings of your favorite shows.  

Podcasts and Archives:

You can view and download Maria’s Podcasts here:  Podcast Archive list.  You can find Maria’s older videos through this link: Video Archive List

Also, please check out Maria’s video on the The Senegal Women’s Literacy Project, it’s something Maria has been working on and wants everyone to know about!

As a long time Conejo Valley resident, single mother of 4 adult children and life long volunteer, Maria has always been drawn towards giving back to her community. Maria is focused on illuminating subject matter and information in a conversational, non-confrontational, user friendly manner and she brings these skills to her broadcasts of “Maria Sanchez Show”.