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Monday, December 16th, 2013 – Maria’s Musings

maria-daughterBack by popular demand, “Maria’s Musings” and it concerns how we can help make our lives better through thoughtful reflection, changing our thinking, reminding ourselves of what we have to be grateful for and how failure can be a teachable opportunity.  This is also quite personal and poignant so enjoy the listen!

At left is Maria and her youngest child, Katharine, taken last week on their vacation.  Oh to be so blessed with four fabulous children.


Listen to today’s Maria’s Musings by clicking the player below!

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 – Meet Maria Sanchez

Maria’s Musings: please join Maria as she shares about herself, her priorities, her take on broadcasting, some of her accomplishments and her philosophies on life.  In a rare personal podcast, Maria reveals what she’s about. 

Pictured on the left is Steve LePore, Founder of My Friend’s Place, a resource center for at-risk youth and David Brinkman, former ED of MFP.  Taken last month at MFP’s 25th anniversary celebration.  Maria was a Founding Board Member and served on the Board for nearly 10 years.

Listen to the podcast by clicking the player below!

Maria Sanchez Show is on a brief hiatus.

Dear followers,

Due to some very difficult times in my personal life regarding the health and wellness or lack thereof concerning my 84 year old father, I took an unexpected break this week.  It has been an extremely emotional time for me and my 3 siblings and I will be traveling soon to be by my parents side.

This interruption will be short lived and we will be back up and podcasting soon so please be patient and check back with us often.  We are called the sandwich generation because we are taking care of not only our children but now our parents.  I know several of my friends who are in my situation as well. 

Thank you for your loyalty!   Maria

We have a You Tube Channel now!


It is the Maria Sanchez Show Channel and it has over 100 videos with guests and topics that we have interviewed in-studio or out in the field. 

Check us out and let us know what you think.  We’ll be adding other programs as time permits but we’re focusing on our podcasts primarily and then videos.  They say I have a face for radio so that works out to your advantage! 

Click this link (or the YouTube logo) for the Maria Sanchez YouTube channel! 

We are testing out our equipment this afternoon . . . !

Stay tuned as we explore our technical opportunities and fine tune them this afternoon. We may be live as soon as Monday! You cannot imagine how psyched we are to be back on the air after a 48 hour hiatus and resuming our eclectic and informational programming with our compelling guests and topics. AND, we can take as long as we like to explore the subjects and our gracious guests and correspondents.

Fabulous! : – )