We are ready for your ears . . .

Thank you for your patience with our re-launch of the Maria Sanchez Show!  We have accomplished all that we set out to do so we invite you to download and listen on demand or better yet, subscribe so you won’t miss a single podcast.

Because we now have unlimited flexibility to be available for our guests as their schedules dictate and we have the luxury of spending as much time as the topic deserves, you will be even more pleased with what you are listening to.  You can find the Maria Sanchez Show on LibSyn!  LibSyn is short for Liberated Syndication, and is the new host for Maria’s podcasts.  LibSyn ‘Syndicates’ The Maria Sanchez show to iTunes, Stitcher and all around the web for you to have numerous ways to listen to your favorite Maria Sanchez broadcasts.

As always, if you have a subject or an area that you’d like us to explore, please contact me and we will see what we can do about scheduling someone to discuss the issue.

Thanks again and happy listening! 

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