We’re hoping you had a Happy 4th of July!

indexHere’s hoping that you were able to enjoy our holiday with family and friends and to honor and celebrate our country’s birth.  I was fortunate that my three sons were able to join me for most of the holiday weekend and we had a ball!  I feel so fortunate that my 20-something children are in the area and make themselves available for us to be together as a family.

My daughter, my youngest child, is living in another country since last month so that has been quite the adjustment for me, her mother because in her entire life, we’ve only ever been 60 minutes away from one another.  We were able to Skype and text over the holiday and she was quite homesick on the 4th because of what she was missing by being away from the United States.

Thank you for the honor of keeping our website alive and our podcasts listened to.  With much gratitude, Maria

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