Show Topics: Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013
1.  Maria’s musings . . . she did the Starbucks zombie shuffle this morning.  Former IRS Steve Miller testifying this morning.  Powerball jackpot at least $550 M for tomorrow’s drawing.  Cannes, Chopard jewels worth $1M stolen.  USA condemns Japan’s Mayor for his comments regarding the “comfort women” of WWII and how they were necessary. Elle Quebec has a plus size model on the cover of the May issue and it is well received.  She’s a size 14!

2. Executive Director of the Amgen Tour of CA & SVP of AEG sports, Kristin Bachochin visits with Maria about the ongoing largest cycling event in America. 

3. Why are various men afraid of attending tomorrow’s backyard, resort casual, no gifts wedding with Maria?

4. Dr. Daniel Sznycer, principal co-investigator from UCSB regarding his findings that were published in the journal Psychological Science and how upper-body strength in men empowers them to act upon their convictions.  Misstated in traditional media.

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