Show Topics: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
1. NSA leaker’s latest updates, whereabouts, international tensions. More trouble for Paula Deen, she was dropped by Smithfield Foods, the global pork producing company. Supreme Court affirmed the use of race in the admissions process yesterday but made it more difficult for institutions to use such policies to achieve diversity by a 7-1 ruling.

2. Professor and Chair of Rice University, Dr. Janet Braam, lead researcher on a new study that finds that the use of light coaxes plants to make more cancer-fighting antioxidants at certain times of the day. We may be able to boost the health benefits of our produce simply by changing the way we store it.

3. “Somebody in the White House Looks Like Me,” author Rosetta L. Hopkins interviewed Black skilled and unskilled workers,

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professionals, and retirees of all ages from different parts of the country and compiled what the average Black American had to say about the election of President Obama.

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