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Monday, February 10th, 2014 – Oceana – Shark finning

shark fins100 Million sharks are killed every year through the barbaric process of shark finning.  That is the slicing off of a shark’s fins and throwing the live shark back into the ocean in order to supply the demand for shark fin soup.


Please join Maria as she visits with Dr. Geoff Shester, California Program Director of Oceana as he explains how this is affecting the ecosystem of our oceans.

 Click here for Oceana’s website. 

Friday, February 7th, 2014 – Sochi Olympic Games & Terrorism

It’s not the virgins that motivates most terrorists!  Please join Maria as she visits with Dr. Anne Speckhard, a world-renowned expert on the psychology of terrorism.  Dr. Spekhard has interviewed hundreds of terrorists all over the world and speaks specifically about the KavKaz Emirates and what she thinks the Chechens are capable of with the upcoming Sochi Olympic games. 

Click here for Dr. Spekhard’s website.

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 – GMO’s

What is all the fuss about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and are they really that unhealthy for us as consumers?  What is the FDA doing about regulating them and what are the alleged issues with ingesting them?

Please join Maria as she visits with Carla Lee Johnston, Founder and President of One Team Humanity Foods about GMO’s and what you need to know.  Very revealing! 

Click here for Carla Lee’s website.


Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 – Dirt Search

DirtSearch Free People SearchDo you really know who people are, especially folks that we might know only a short time?  What about that love interest that you met via an online dating site?  Are they really who they say they are?

Please join Maria as she visits with the creator of DirtSearch, Erik Knight.  He has created a website to present an easy to use and completely free platform.  DirtSearch accesses over 6,000 online sites to find out the scoop, including what the internet says about you! 

Click here for their website.


Monday, January 27th, 2014 – CALIFORNIALIST

Please join Maria as she visits with the Founder and President of CALIFORNIALIST, an organization dedicated to helping women Democrats run for political office in California.  She shares with Maria the type of candidates that they are looking for and how she goes about vetting them for her organization. 

Click here for CALIFORNIALIST website.