Friday, September 6th, 2013 – Burning Man attendee, Jillian McCann

Join Maria for the post-Burning Man conversation with 4 time attendee Jillian McCann.  On Monday, August 26th we had a pre-BM interview and this completes the discussion.  You cannot be faint of heart to listen, let alone attend!  To listen to the history of BM, check out the 08.26.13 podcast.  Jillian tells us about her time there and what one may expect if you’re interested in attending next year.

Click here for Burning Man’s website.  While you listen to the podcast, we suggest you Click this link to browse the photos on the website.  So far there are only a few from 2013, but there are a vast array of very nice photos from previous years.  Some of the photos are amazing…

Click the player below to listen:

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