2010-10-22 – Condoleezza Rice Book Signing Interviews

Watch Condoleezza Rice as she answers questions at her book signing at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.

2010-10-19 – Steven Hintz Interview – Candidate for Ventura County Treasurer

Steven Hintz, candidate for County Treasurer visits Maria at the venturacountytv.com studios.


2010-10-19 – Tim Allison Interview – Candidate for 24th Congressional District

Interview with candidate Tim Allison, running in for the 24th Congressional District seat.


2010-10-19 – Don Facciano Interview – Candidate for Ventura County Treasurer

Maria interviews Don Facciano, candidate for Treasurer in Ventura County.


2010-10-19 – Tim Flynn Interview, Candidate for Oxnard City Council

Tim Flynn, candidate for Oxnard City Council joins Maria for a Meet the Candidate

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