Show Topics: Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013
1. Simi Valley Rotary Club fireworks show accidentally flew into the crow and injured 28 people ranging in age from 8 to 78 years of age. NSA leaker outlasting his welcome in Russia, Russian officials would like him to move on. Pope Francis signed the decree this morning to declare Pope John Paul II a saint. Nelson Mandela ‘s family evokes a rebuke late yesterday from retired archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

2. Supervisor, Breast Center, Mary Nishimura visits with Maria about how the funds raised from the Heels & Wheels ride will benefit underserved women in the to register for the Sunday, July 14th ride. Join Grand Marshall Maria Sanchez. 

3. Publisher, Margie Cochrane visits with Maria about her participation in this year’s Oxnard Salsa Festival’s Dancing with the Community Stars on Sunday, July 28th. This year’s 6 participants are dancing for local charities. for more information how you can vote/donate.

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