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I don’t care for outdoor cats!

I own a singloutdoor cate story home.  I have a vegetable garden.  I have neighbors who are outdoor cat owners.  I am the recipient of the outdoor cat antics and it makes me very unhappy.

Why does it matter, you might ask?  I’ll tell you why.  I have their markings on all of my sliding glass doors as well as the screens that go with them.  I always wondered how a spray of liquid would get on my outside windows.  I couldn’t understand where and how it got there until a friend of mine explained that it was a cat and its marking.

Marking MY territory, I might add!  MY home, not their home. 

And as for my vegetable garden, these same cats use it as their litter box.  They defecate in my organic vegetable garden.  Again, MY organic vegetable garden and there is their feces.

Adding insult to injury with these same nefarious neighborhood cats is the following story.  I fostered a kitty that had been rescued from an alley with 4 nursing babies that were 4 weeks old.   The mommy kitty stayed with a girlfriend while her litter continued to nurse.  They were then separated at 8 weeks and all 4 kitties were successfully adopted out.

The mommy kitty on the other hand was not so successful.  She was scrawny, engorged, and a sight for sore eyes.  I adopted her to help her regain her health, to give her a loving home while she recovered from the loss of her litter and the subsequent surgery to fix her.

She was my girl, even if just temporarily in my care, custody and control.  One evening I’m reading in my bedroom with my kitty in my lap and I suddenly hear this blood curdling scream – and I mean a scream, coming from my kitty.  Outside my bedroom sliding glass door was one of these rogue cats hissing at MY kitty in MY home!

My mommy kitty lost her bowels she was so frightened.  I chased that damn trespassing cat out of my yard and then had to deal with the fall out of the inadvertent bowel movement.

Mommy kitty has found a forever home and is safely ensconced in her new and luxurious lifestyle.  But today, as I was cleaning my outside patio, there are fresh markings.  Not only on the windows but also on my outdoor furniture and it won’t wash off!

I don’t approve of outdoor cats.  I don’t like being the object of their animal kingdom hierarchy.